Paradise Scribe is my first real attempt at getting my own site up and running. I have a long way to go to reach full throttle, but I intend to arrive there one way or another. And what better way then to write about PNG, events, history, news and information, pictures and more; its home and its what I’m passionate about.

It will also attempt to give a synopsis of the Government, its aims and the Medium Term Development Policy (MTDP), the inroads thus made and the many more that needs to be done.

I intend to publish three posts per week to start with including pictures I have taken whilst working as a journalist and later and public relations officer with Water PNG. Mentioning that, some years back while the PRO at WPNG I previously for a short time wrote a column in the Sunday Chronicle, called Water, Lifes Common Denominator, I intend to continue that here, utilising the information and passion built on water issues during my three year tenure.

I welcome any constructive comments you may have in helping me improve Paradise Scribe.


Best of Regards,


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