PNG – A paradise under threat

Having spent over a decade in PNG’s mainstream media and then PR and now multimedia/Communications industry in PNG, I had come across a lot of interesting people, topics to write about, visited some amazing places, took some amazing pictures and made many friends, and some enemies too. I also covered some controversial issues some of which I had tried getting published but for some reason, it was watered down or not published. I hope to revisit some of those topics and other topics of national and provincial importance to give a different take on news and issues and delve into more investigative reporting, something which I enjoy but sadly lacks in this amazing paradise of PNG.

I will share pictures; ‘how to’ articles, stories to inspire, hold those in positions of trust and responsibility accountable for their actions and share any interesting research I come across. Anything and everything worth sharing and promoting my island home. And hopefully in the process empower, inspire and help make a better Papua New Guinea.

I welcome comments and positive criticisms, story ideas and pictures of your little paradise. I cannot pay for them, but will help promote them for you.

Hope you Enjoy the content that will follow.

Yours kindly,



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